AIRhunt provides useful data on air quality around you. The device monitors in what environment you are in and gives personal recommendations based on cumulative data how to improve your well-being.

There is a way to choose what we breathe IN!

“9 of 10 are breathing polluted air”


People have no access to detailed,
time efficient database of AIR pollution.


    AirHUNT is a new generation of air monitoring.
    It “hunts” air pollution by making it visible and avoidable in real-time.

    AirHUNT App

    AirHUNTERS’ App

    All information that you need — on your app screen:

    1. HEAT MAP — real-time map of an area you are in.
    2. PROGRESS - how much data as AirHunter you have collected.
    3. SCORE BOARD - board of TOP AIRhunters, upcoming extras and promo for score earnings.
    4. ALARM - air quality scale that gives a warning signal if user is in a polluted area.
    5. RECOMMENDATIONS - personal health and well-being advice based on cumulative.

    AirHUNTERS’ Data

    AirHUNT makes data collection attractive, simple and interesting process to the widest audience possible.

    You just collect data and receive scores, which can be exchanged for a pleasant bonus. Data collection involves you in a global fight against air pollution and helps people around the world to breathe cleaner air.

    Join AirHUNTERS’to be a part of the global CHANGE!

    AirHUNT Data Map