Next-generation air monitoring system

AirNode – compact gas & aerosol analyzer for accurate and affordable air quality monitoring.

Keep air quality under control!

Accurate instrument for informed decision making

It gives warnings in real-time, is simple to maintain, and can be easily installed and dismantled. R-NOX AirNode is a smart supplement to traditional, high cost ambient air quality monitoring systems.

Compact size and affordable price of R-NOX AirNode allows to deploy high-density air monitoring network and obtain ubiquitous data. With our innovative schematic engineering and design solutions, analytical data processing, R-NOX AirNode provides a near reference measurement performance data.

Such data help citizens, researchers and policy-makers alike better understand the nature, impact and state of air quality around the corner and around the globe to devote more resources to improve air quality and human welfare.



Smart cities

R-NOX AirNods are used in place or in support of traditional monitoring stations to cover greater territories, provide a better spatial resolution and air quality level control.


R-NOX AirNode is used by industrial operators to monitor and manage emissions, which helps them improve relationships with regulators and communities.

What does it measure?

The AirNode is customized to measure the parameters your application demand.

Choose from the criteria pollutants:
- CO
- NO2
- SO2
- O3
- PM1, PM2.5, PM10
and expand with special interest
pollutants H2S,CH2O, VOC, etc.


Key features

Operative monitoring
common pollutants are measured in real-time 24/7

System modularity
additional parameters can be measured by adding new modules

All-season performance
device operating range is from - 40 to + 40 ℃

Temperature and humidity compensation
provides long term performance in extreme climates

“Sensor care” technology
monitors sensors performance status

Zero Air Generator
generates pure air and provide automatic baseline correction

Sample Air Module
provides air sample in the optimal temperature and humidity ranges

System scaling
AirNode's compact size and system flexibility allow easily to add new locations