Radiation monitor ZIVE nominated for 2016 Elektra Awards.

Smart radiation monitor ZIVE included in the list of potential winners of one of the largest European electronics industry awards in Elektra Awards 2016.

This development startup R-NOX, made with the assistance based in Minsk, the Russian company Promwad, will participate in the competition of innovative products in the field of Internet of Things.

ZIVE - precision dosimeter professional Geiger-Muller, clear user-friendly interface and a relatively low price. The device works in conjunction with mobile phones and tablets, transferring data via Bluetooth wireless link.

Dosimeter ZIVE fixes background radiation, gamma rays and X-rays of objects, calculates the absorbed radiation dose and helps to find the source of the radiation. This device has been designed for a wide audience, so he explains to users how to "read" the data: how much they deviate from the norm, how to reduce the dose of radiation absorbed during the year, create a safe route over the infected area, etc.

"The market needs are not just talking about the Internet of things and examples of the use of this technology in real life. Dosimeter ZIVE - one such example - explains Roman Pakholkov, mentor startup R-NOX and CEO Promwad electronics design center. - Members of the devices involved in the global project: the measurement data is sent to the cloud server, which generated a global map of radioactive contamination, which will be one of the most accurate and detailed in the world. The guys from R-NOX are already working with the organizers of tours in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, with Greenpeace, the representatives of the state. Japanese structures, Finland and Singapore."

Due to the open API software platform ZIVE project could be the basis for the development of other products and services in the field of environmental and health concerns. Winners Elektra Awards 2016 will be announced on December 1 at a ceremony in London. This year the award will be awarded for the 14th time, it is open to all European electronics developers - from large companies to start-ups.