New revolutionary technology that may change the world!

«That Nature can be mysterious and frightening but never evil, the only evil is the one we bring along» (c) Interstellar.

With the development of technology and the emergence of such a sphere in IT as Internet of things (IoT), today we can talk about appeared possible to change the world - in the truest sense of the word.

Our new innovation – TwiGear. This is a modular device capable of measuring hundreds of environmental parameters (eg, the level of formaldehyde, UV light, CO2, ozone, pressure, humidity, etc.). The user need only select the necessary sensors to fit your needs.

In fact, our device allows anyone to always be aware of his environment indicators. Previously, this feature was not available to the ordinary consumer. Or was, a separate device for measuring each parameter. It will use chemical and biological data, process them and give people specific recommendations of what to do in each case. For example, the tracker does not just measure the level of CO2 in the air cabinet but advise to ventilate the room and do wet cleaning. Or appreciate that you spent too much time in the room during the week, and will advise you to go to the nearest park and indicates that to him 5 kilometers to the northwest.

Vadim Radivil, CEO of R-Nox mentioned: “we try to work in the way, that every new technology complement our previous device. Because of the development, "lifting" of the processor, for example, you need to spend a lot of time. We try to go from one product to another , increasing technology.

When developing TwiGear we used the chip, which enables data transfer and via Bluetooth, and through, Wireless ZigBee protocol , and through a new data transfer protocol Thread. This allows you to work individually with a smartphone, and set up a centralized network.”

This year TwiGear should enter the market. In April Rnox team won with this device in the Hackathon at the conference Venture Day and plans to present TwiGear in New York on the Cleantech Open Global Ideas Competition - the largest event in the field of green technology.