About us

R-NOX is a group of people that follows one goal: to create a full stack platform and database that will increase awareness to environmental pollution in Cities.

We invent, improve and implement instruments in order to make environmental pollution data collection attractive, simple and interesting process to widest audience possible. We also have knowledge and experience of effective data analytics and clear vision how to monetize data with our platform.

Our vision

By 2020 we will create understandable, valuable, precise data of environmental pollution that will impact everyday life of ordinary citizens, also decision making of governmental institutions of 20 Major Metropolitans in the world.


We are a multicultural team, currently based in 5 countries. We have collaborated on a range of pioneering projects internationally, including energy monitoring systems, smart home and data systems, deep water radiation metering, engineering and manufacturing consumer devices, opened creativity center and run technology and leadership events. The way we’ve formed our team guarantees that we are capable of solving any technological and business challenges on our way to success.

Vadim Radzivill  Chief Executive Officer
10 - year experience as a leader in electronics development in companies and plants.
Strategic planning, business development and planning, strategic partnerships is his expertise.

Vadim Radzivill
Chief Executive Officer

Dmitry Vasuik  Chief Technology Officer
14 - year experience in hardware development in companies and plants.
Hardware development, manufacturing is his expertise.

Dmitry Vasuik
Chief Technology Officer

Anna Khlamushkina  Chief Operating Officer
7 - year experience in trade marketing in FMCG. Participant of many start up projects for last 4 years.
Business planning, team management, marketing is her expertise.

Anna Khlamushkina
Chief Operating Officer

Maxim Tkachuk  Chief Design Officer
12 - year experience in design field in leading creative agencies.
Product design, web design is his expertise.

Maxim Tkachuk
Chief Design Officer

Egor Krylovich  Chief Information Officer
8 - year experience in software development in the international IT consulting companies.
Software development, new technologies implementation is his expertise.

Egor Krylovich
Chief Information Officer


Besides our competent team we can count on our Mentors. These people combine huge experience, knowledge and understanding of business processes in IT, retail and environment fields. Our Mentors participate in key decision making and planning that helps us to evaluate all possible risks and avoid business managing mistakes also optimize all processes in our everyday work.

Roman PakholkovMentor
Founder and head of electronic design center PROMWAD

Roman Pakholkov

Sergey KadomskyMentor
Director of Research and Data Science,

Sergey Kadomsky

Alexander ChekanMentor
Chief Executive Officer at TUT.BY

Alexander Chekan

Vadim NareykoConsultant
Head of Strategy and Innovation at Skywind Group

Vadim Nareyko

Denis SankoConsultant
Organizational Development Consultant

Denis Sanko

Vasily KaporikovConsultant
Industrial Ecology consultant, Environmental engineer

Vasily Kaporikov

Jan HaverkampConsultant
Expert consultant nuclear energy and energy policy for Greenpeace

Jan Haverkamp


2016 Elektra Awards
Iot Product Innovation

Microsoft Internet of Things Hackathon

Clean & Health Tech Hackathon
national winners

Skywind Ventures
jury choice