About us

R-NOX is a European innovative company that provides measurement and analytical systems for air quality monitoring throughout the world. We are fast evolving in the markets of environmental technologies, air pollution control, analytical services, consulting and engineering. We provide people, business and government with the latest technological solutions for informed management of environmental, social and reputation risks in order to minimize them.

Our mission

R-NOX mission is to facilitate towards sustainable and ecological future, through the development of effective air quality management solutions to provide a basis for a better quality of life.


We are a multicultural team, currently based in 5 countries. Our team consists of highly qualified professional passionate about technology, people around us and our planet. We combine solid experience in hardware and software development, environmental science, data science and analytics. The way we have formed our team guarantees that we are capable of solving any technological challenges to satisfy any clients’ needs.


2016 Elektra Awards
Iot Product Innovation

Microsoft Internet of Things Hackathon

Clean & Health Tech Hackathon
national winners

Skywind Ventures
jury choice