About us

R-NOX is a European company that develops, manufactures and markets products and services for environmental monitoring. We combine a solid experience in the hardware, software development and data analytics.

Our mission

R-NOX mission is to provide people, industries and smart cities with reliable and cost-effective solutions for environmental monitoring and with in-depth data analytics for everyday decision making.


We are a multicultural team, currently based in 5 countries. We have collaborated on a range of pioneering projects internationally, including energy monitoring systems, smart home and data systems, deep water radiation metering, engineering and manufacturing consumer devices. The way we’ve formed our team guarantees that we are capable of solving any technological and business challenges on the way to success.


Besides our competent team we can count on our Partners. They help us to evaluate all possible risks, optimize working process and create innovative high-quality solution due their solid experience and high competence.


2016 Elektra Awards
Iot Product Innovation

Microsoft Internet of Things Hackathon

Clean & Health Tech Hackathon
national winners

Skywind Ventures
jury choice